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3W LED Lighting Circuit

AT310 Typical Application 3 ---- 3W LED Lighting Circuit Solution

AT310 typical application 3 test (3W LED lighting circuit scheme and its cost budget)

Parameter to be tested: input voltage

                   Input Current

                     Load voltage

                     Load current

                    Working frequency F / periodT

Known parameters:toff=1.8us

Calculation formula:    


Test equipment: 5V2A DC power supply


Multimeter two

           One oscilloscope

3A DC ammeter head

           1A DC ammeter head

3W test circuit

3W test PCB

Unit name / value Packing factory price

Retail price

Bulk unit price

U0 AT310 SOT23_5

1.5 reconsideration

Q1 irf7807 SO_8 IRF N-channel MOS tube for DC-DC 1.4 1

D1 zhcs1000 SOT23_1 Zetex, 1A Schottky diode 2 1.5

C1 2.2UF 1210

0.5 0.4

2.2UF 0.5 0.4

L0 22UH / 3.5A SMD_L

1.6 1.5

DLED1 3.4V / 750mA



RMB 18.4 / piece (calculated based on 5 pieces) 3.2 RMB / piece (calculated based on 100 pieces)

Note: As for the price calculation of PCB, it is only for DEMO, and the area of the finished board may be much smaller than DEMO.

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