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Part Number Description Tx EN Rx EN Icc (Shutdown) (typ) (µA) Features state Cross Reference Mode Tx/Rx Vsupply (V) Icc (typ) (mA) Data Rate (min) (kbps) ESD Protect. (±kV) Pin/Package
AT526 WAN Multi-Mode Serial Transceiver Yes Yes 4 Software selectable Protocol Selection Mass Production SP526CF RS422 3Tx + 4Rx 5 130 10000 15


    The AT526 is a monolithic device that sup-ports three (3) physical layer serial interface standards. The AT526 is fabricated using a low power BiCMOS process technology, and incorporates four (4) drivers and four (4) receivers can be configured via software for the selected interface modes at any time. The AT526 includes tri-state ability for the driver and receiver outputs through separate enable lines. A shutdown mode is also included through the mode select pins for power savings.  When mated with the AT322 V.11/V.35 Programmable Transceiver, the AT526 provides the four (4) channels needed for handshaking/control lines such as CTS, RTS, etc. The two transceiver ICs are an ideal solution for WAN serial ports in networking equipment such as routers, DSU/CSU's, and other access devices.

Important Characteristics

  • Low-Cost Programmable Serial Transceiver

  • Four (4) Drivers and Four (4)) Receivers

  • Driver and Receiver Tri-state Control

  • Software Selectable Protocol Selection

  • Interface Modes:

  • RS-232 (V.28)

  • RS-422 (V.11, X.21)

  • EIA-530 or RS-449 (V.10, V.11)

  • Designed to Meet All NET1/2 Compliancy Requirements

  • High ESD Tolerance

  • ±15kV per Human Body Model

  • ±15kV per IEC1000-4-2 Air Discharge

  • ±8kV per IEC1000-4-2 Contact Discharge

Pin Configuration


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