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      AT6448A is a liquid crystal display control module specially designed for true color screen (TFT) with a resolution of 640 × 480 (1), which can realize 256 colors. Provide a high-speed 8-bit bus interface (I / O command mode), which can be directly connected with MCS51, MCS96, MC68, ARM and DSP. Enter the X and Y coordinates directly without calculating the address. The address is automatically incremented during read and write operations. No initialization required, easy to use. Provide fast screen clearing and 8 o'clock writing function.

The true color LCD control board is fully upgraded to provide the following functions:

Quick screen clearing function; just send a command, the control panel clears the entire screen with the specified color within 16.6 milliseconds. The screen clearing process does not require the intervention of a single-chip microcomputer, which greatly improves the startup speed and single background color display speed.

Provides 8-point writing mode; the operation of color screen is the same as that of monochrome screen, which greatly improves the display speed of Chinese characters, English letters, numbers, and monochrome bitmaps.

Provides flexible address auto-increment function; the address auto-increment direction can be arbitrarily set to X direction or Y direction. When the address increases by one along the X direction, it will automatically jump to the beginning of the next line when it encounters the end of the line. When the address is automatically increased by one along the Y direction, it will automatically jump to the beginning of the next column when it encounters the end of the column.

    Through the above various enhanced functions, an ordinary single-chip computer can drive a 640x480 color screen and obtain a very smooth display effect.

Note: (1) Any other resolutions are welcome to consult and negotiate!

Application area

  • Various instruments

  • Industrial control equipment

  • Information display terminal

  • Features

  • Clear screen quickly

  • Write at 8

  • The address plus one direction can be chosen arbitrarily;

  • faster;

  • The interface circuit is unchanged and compatible with previous versions;

  • Easy programming

  • No initialization is required, and the user does not need to analyze tedious LCD signals;

  • No flicker or snowflakes;

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