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       AT2863 is a dot matrix monochrome LCD display controller. The chip acts as an interface between the MCU and the LCD, and can display information on the LCD in text, graphics, and graphic overlay modes, and has a variety of text special effects functions. By setting the level of some input pins of AT2863, you can set the display format and font size without software programming, so as to adapt to a variety of LCD panels. AT2863 uses an 8-bit data bus, which can be easily interfaced with various microcontrollers and microcontrollers and used as a peripheral to the latter.

       This chip uses 3.0-5.5V power supply, which can be used for LCD display control in instrumentation, household appliances, data monitoring and other fields.

Chip characteristics

  • The duty cycle of the LCD driving signal can be 1/16 to 1/128;

  • Can connect up to 64KB of video memory;

  • Built-in 128-character 5´7 font library, allowing users to customize the font library in video memory;

  • Support simultaneous display of internal and external fonts, bold display of fonts;

  • Programmable cursor position and shape control;

  • Support text attribute mode, control character such as inversion, blinking, blanking, etc. for character display at a certain position of text layer separately;

  • The text layer and the graphics layer can be superimposed in an "OR", "exclusive or", and "AND" mode, and the operation results can be saved to the graphics layer, freeing up the text layer for other work;

    Support dual-screen display mode, two LCDs each correspond to a certain area of video memory;

  • Single screen supports up to 128 (H) ´640 (W) pixels, and dual screen supports up to 256 (H) ´640 (W) pixels;

  • Fully compatible with TOSHIBA's T6963C and RAio's RA8863.

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