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       AT2835 is a monochrome LCD controller chip. It acts as the interface between the MCU and the LCD and provides various timing control signals for the LCD. AT2835 has a built-in Western character library, which can display the data provided by the MCU on the LCD in text or graphics. The chip uses external SRAM as display memory, allowing the latter to store custom font information. AT2835 provides rich and flexible commands, which can produce various display effects.

       This chip can be widely used in the display control of monochrome LCD modules, so as to constitute a complete external display device relative to the MCU.

Main features

  • External display memory up to 64KB;

  • Supports text, graphics, and graphics mixed text display mode, the contents of each layer can be "AND", "OR", "XOR", "priority OR" operation

  • LCD display resolution up to 640 × 256 pixels;

  • LCD driver's duty cycle varies from 1/2 to 1/256;

  • Built-in 160-character 5 × 7 pixel CGROM, users can set up 8 × 8 or 8 × 16 dot CGROM / CGRAM in external display memory;

  • Supports display effects such as character inversion and flicker, cursor display, blanking, flicker, and cursor shape programmable;

  • Full or partial display content can be scrolled smoothly horizontally or vertically;

  • Can interface with Motorola6800 series and Intel8080 series microcontrollers;

  • Wide operating voltage range-2.7V ~ 5.5V;

  • Fully compatible with EPSON's S1D13305 and RAio's RA8835.

AT2835 has three interfaces, which correspond to MCU, SRAM and LCD. The relationship between them is shown in the figure below.

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