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        AT2615 / 2617 are two timing controllers for analog LCD screens launched by CoreView Technology, which are used to control AUO's AV type and other TFT LCD modules. They include a horizontal frequency driver and a phase-locked loop (PLL) phase comparison circuit, and they support external clock modes that do not require a PLL circuit. Both chips are powered by a single 5.0V power supply, which can generate various timing control signals required for LCD source drivers and gate drivers.

        AT2615 / 2617 chip adopts TQFP-48 package (pin pitch 0.5mm), which is mainly used in automotive audio and video systems and video surveillance systems, and can also meet the display needs of other occasions.

Device characteristics

  • The master clock has two working modes: external VCO mode and crystal mode, with a maximum operating frequency of 30MHz

  • Built-in vertical sync detection without external sync splitter

  • Support standard NTSC / PAL video system

  • Progressive conversion driving method

  • Provides row and column drive control timing

  • 3 shift clocks for column drive

  • Provides flip and mirror scan control

  • AT2615 supports 8 display resolutions: 1440 × 234, 1200 × 234, 1152 × 234, 960 × 234 (delta and stripe mode), 480 × 234, 528 × 220, 280 × 220; AT2617 has 2 display resolutions: 1440 × 234, 1200 × 234, also supports 8 zoom display modes in these two resolutions

  • AT2615 is fully compatible with AUO ’s UPS015 and Hiking HX8801; AT2617 is fully compatible with AUO ’s UPS017 and Hiking HX8806

Structure diagram

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