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      AT2604 is an analog LCD timing control chip launched by Coreview Technology, which is used to connect with TFT LCD module such as AV type of Yuan Tai Company (PVI). The chip integrates a horizontal frequency driver and a phase-locked loop (PLL) phase comparison circuit. It also supports external clock modes that do not require a PLL circuit, and can generate a variety of timing control signals for LCD source drivers and gate drivers. The AT2604 chip supports PVI and AUO 16: 9 aspect ratio TFT LCD module and different display modes.

        AT2604 uses 64-pin LQFP package (pin pitch 0.5mm), which can be used in analog LCD screen control applications, such as car TVs, DVD recorders, etc.

Device characteristics

  • Support standard NTSC / PAL video system

  • Progressive conversion driving method

  • Provide left and right timing scan and up and down shift control

  • Provides 3 shift clocks

  • Supported display modes include 960´234, 1200´234, 1440´234, and 1920´234

  • Supports mixed synchronous input mode and independent synchronous input mode

  • Supports external clock input

  • Fully compatible with Yuan Tai's PVI1004

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